Covenant & Vision


As a Christian Faith Community we seek to provide the following:

  • An accepting loving community that provides a sense of belonging to all who attend
  • A safe place to ask questions
  • Encouragement and help in identifying one’s spiritual gifts and talents
  • The opportunity to take risk and to confess struggles
  • Relationships that experience grace and forgiveness
  • Help in personal, marriage and family challenges
  • Teaching, study, and fellowship that connects to real life
  • Genuine sharing of material resources to help meet the needs of one another

Doylestown Mennonite ChurchMembers are people who commit themselves to following Jesus as the way to know God in relationship, by confessing Jesus as Lord and Savior.  This means to follow Jesus as currently understood with a commitment to learn more about Jesus as recorded in the Bible.   This includes committing one’s self to all followers of Jesus around the world as expressed in this local congregation known as Doylestown Mennonite Church.  Since the call is to active following, a lifetime journey of ongoing discipleship is necessary.  This life of discipleship is guided by and recognizes the following core values:

  • Being able and committed to expressing one’s faith as a living relationship with God
  • Accept the Biblically based Confession of Faith in a Mennonite Perspective as the foundational theological framework and guide for teaching on positions
  • The need to gather regularly for worship, Bible study, encouragement, and fellowship
  • Actively contributing time, resources, talents, and abilities to enhance the ministry of the church
  • Willingness to give and receive counsel in Christian love
  • Willingness to submit personal preference for the greater good
  • Actively practice forgiving others who offend with a desire to reconcile

 —Covenant of Membership approved February 22, 2010

Become a Member

Doylestown Mennonite ChurchAny person is invited to become a member of Doylestown Mennonite Church who:

  • Desires to follow Jesus and confesses Jesus as Lord and Savior
  • Has been or will be baptized
  • Accepts the above covenant of membership

For no one can lay any foundation other than the one that has been laid; that foundation is Jesus Christ.   I Corinthians 3:11 (NRSV)

Vision & Mission

VISION:         Taking risks with and for Christ

MISSION:      We share the love of Christ in words and actions with our neighbors and friends so they will grow with us as followers of Christ.


Pastoral Letter

To:              Doylestown Mennonite Congregation

Date:          5/3/13

Re:             Pastoral Letter

As we live in an ever changing world and questions abound regarding ethics, the church often finds itself at a delicate place in trying to call people to Godly living and at the same time be a place of welcome for all people to encounter the grace of God.   While the complexities can overwhelm and merit conversation, I want to encourage us to remain focused on our vision of transformation by the love of God for each of us.   This invites us to be humble in recognizing our own need for transformation.   It is out of our own transformation that we have the courage and grace to invite others to the transforming power of following Jesus.

Having seen several articles in Mennonite periodicals and hearing of some local congregational discussions, I want to prepare us for conversations about homosexuality/inclusiveness within the Mennonite Church community.   I wish to publically state my commitment to our current confession of faith which in part states the following, “We believe that God intends marriage to be a covenant between one man and one woman for life.”  My intent in stating this is to provide confidence in order to lessen anxiety as we seek to extend the love of God to all people.  The Ministry Leadership Team is in full support of this letter.

Going forward in our desire to follow Jesus, I believe a primary task is to find ways to be both full of grace and full of truth.   Though we will always struggle to achieve this, I believe this is the goal to which we are called.  I encourage us to be in prayer asking God to direct us to discover what it means to love fully.   At the same time, let us pray asking God to teach us the truth of who we are and what God desires.

I believe we are in a challenging time and I am fully confident that God will continue to walk with us on our journey.   Some of our conversations may be difficult and we may discover some attitudes that need to be changed.   May we stay focused on following Jesus and being transformed by his power and love!   As we are transformed, we will naturally find ways to extend God’s love and grace to others.

May we all seek to follow Jesus both individually and corporately.