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What is the missional journey?

We are exploring the role each of us plays in God’s reconciling and restorative mission in the world. We imagine & pray. We take risks & experiment. We reflect & learn. And we keep going, trusting God to be at work in and through and even beyond us.

Some of our missional expressions include:

  • Opening a storm kitchen after a hurricane swept through the area, knocking out power for six days. We brought what we had, cooked up some wonderful meals and delivered them to our neighbors.
  • Serving meals to our local volunteer firefighters.
  • Praying with and for our neighbors and co-workers. Being intentional about building those relationships.
  • Becoming a regular customer at a local business and taking some Christmas gifts to the employees there over the holidays.
  • Partnering with the community garden on the church property, donating the produce to local food pantries.
  • Summer soccer camps for local kids.
  • A “Knitted Together” group that meets in Bedminster and knits chemo blankets for cancer patients.

Suggested Prayer Practices for the Missional Journey:

Begin each day┬ápraying “Your Kingdom come, God, and Your Will be done on earth as in heaven. You will be at work today, reconciling and restoring people and creation. Help me to see where you are at work. Give me courage to join you there.”

Each evening, reflect on how you saw God at work and how you participated in God’s Great Mission.